Justinn Kase

Genre: R&B

Lascelles Douglas Jr aka Justinn Kase

His love for music started at the tender age of three; at that age his first love was with the drums. He was then introduced to singing at age five when he sat in on his father’s (Lascelles Douglas) rehearsal. He enjoyed writing poems in his past time and used that ability to transform his poems into songs. Lascelles began fine tuning his craft in his teens under the tutelage of the amazing vocal coaching friend Paul Mckay.

Like his Father Lascelles started singing in the church choir until hi late teens. This helped him to gain the confidence to begin writing and recording his music for the world to hear. Lascelles also started performing in the Greater Toronto Area gaining his own notoriety within the industry. While continuing to write and record he took a pause from performing and ventured into a different career path. With full maturity and super confidence he has returned to the true love of his life, music.