Our Service:
As a digital musical retailer we agree to host and sell digital copies of your song(s) via our music store at seemiya.com. We agree to collect payment from sales of your digital files and to pay you your share of monies collected from the sales of your digital files minus our fee/markup retail price.

Submissions And Terminations:
Your songs and artwork if any must be submitted to us preferably by email. Songs should be in mp3 format at either 128 or 256 kbps.
Artwork for singles or albums should be submitted in high resolution jpeg or png format.

There is no submission or setup fee. Submissions are currently free. Your mp3 files must have the ID3 tags filled out especially the artist and title fields. If your song is accepted we will be entitled to use any submitted artwork on our website seemiya.com. , on our Facebook page or anyplace else to promote the store and or your music.

We reserve the right to reject any music/artwork submitted to us prior to publishing it in our store, as well as reserve the right to terminate this agreement at anytime and remove your music/graphics from our music store.

You may also at anytime have your music and graphics removed from the store by notifying us in writing. In the event that your music is removed from the store you will be paid any unpaid funds that we’ve collected for your song(s).

Sales And Delivery:
We reserve the right to set the price for any track submitted. Currently we sell singles at $0.99 or $1.29 depending the quality and albums are usually $9.99

We also reserve the right to make certain tracks available as album only purchases.In that case the single will not be available as an individual purchase but can only be bought as part of the album.

No matter what price your music is sold for you will receive 70% of every sale (the wholesale price) and S.E.E.M.I will receive 30% of every sale (the retail markup price).

Your music will be offered solely as a permanent digital download.
The customer pays for and receives a digital copy of your song/album. We do not offer files via streaming.

We use an automated system to deliver your files to the customer via email. We currently do not have the ability to deliver your music directly to phones or other mobile devices. Single tracks are delivered via email in mp3 format and albums are delivered as zipped files that include the cover art if any.

We conduct business in United States (US) currency only.

You must have a valid PayPal account in order to do business with S.E.E.M.I. You should submit the email address associated with your PayPal account as well as a valid legal name and a valid mailing address and telephone number.

These must be submitted to S.E.E.M.I before we can make your music liveĀ in our store. It is your responsibility to ensure that your PayPal account is current and working and that you are able to collect/withdraw funds.

S.E.E.M.I will NOT be responsible for losses you incur as a result of:
(a) Faulty or invalid/outdated PayPal information
(b) Any technical problems or misunderstandings with your PayPal account
(c) Inability to withdraw your funds from PayPal
(d) Fees or penalties levied by PayPal
(e) Faulty or invalid/outdated mailing address, telephone number or incorrect legal name.

Payments/payment reports will be issued twice a year if you have payments pending. Payments totaling less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be made via PayPal.
Payments totaling one hundred dollars ($100.00) or more will be made by check. If you would like to receive all of your payments via PayPal please notify us in writing.

Music Rights:
You MUST own the copyright for the sound recordings that you send us or or have the authority or permission from the owner(s).

If you didn’t write the song/composition, it is your responsibility to find out who the copyright owners are and pay the publisher their mechanical royalties the same way you would for CDs sold, but based on your download/sales activity.

If you have samples in your music, they must all be legally cleared and paid-for.

S.E.E.M.I will NOT be responsible for the payment of any fees or royalties to third parties for songs that we sell.

By signing this agreement or submitting your music for The Music Store you are affirming that you are over eighteen (18)
years of age and that you legally own or have the permission of the legal owners for any music you submit to S.E.E.M.I and you are granting S.E.E.M.I and its representatives the legal right to sell your music online and collect all monies from the sale of your music. You further certify that you have provided us with correct and truthful information and that you have read and fully understand the contents of this agreement.